Nelson Piquet told FIA about Crashgate race-fix scandal last year

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Nelson Piquet told FIA about Crashgate race-fix scandal last year

Mensaje  max_pole el Vie Sep 18, 2009 5:42 pm

Nelson Piquet told the FIA about the Singapore race-fix last November, the Daily Mirror can reveal.
Just 24 hours after the shock departure of shamed Renault bosses Flavio Briatore, who faces a life ban, and Pat Symonds comes another revelation.
The triple champion had discussions with race steward Charlie Whiting about his son Nelson Jnr's crash at the final Grand Prix weekend of last season in Brazil but no action was taken for eight months.
The Daily Mirror has obtained the written testimony of the former race ace that will be put before Monday's World Council hearing in Paris.
Until now it was thought the scandal did not come to light until late July when Piquet Senior spoke to FIA president Max Mosley over claims his son was asked to crash his Renault so teammate Fernando Alonso could win.
At that meeting Mosley revealed he had already heard from Whiting but could not act without his son's testimony .
Piquet also claims Alonso must have known about the fix. The grand prix legend said the strategy to stop so early from 15th on the grid made no sense without expecting a safety car.
Alonso insists he had no knowledge of the alleged Singapore fix.
In Brazil yesterday Piquet slammed Briatore, saying: "At some point people like Flavio got so much power they think they can walk on water.
He really thought that, despite the clear evidence, no-one could hurt him."
He said he did not fear a legal battle with the tycoon, who accused the Piquets of blackmail.
"What is he going to complain about - the truth?"
Former Ferrari ace Eddie Irvine added to the controversy, claiming: "When I was in various teams, you did whatever it took to win. In the past every team has done everything it could to cheat, bend or break rules, sabotage opponents.
"This new political correctness where McLaren get a £100million fine because they had Ferrari's paperwork was just the FIA on a crusade."

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