Renault introduce new device to heat tires

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Renault introduce new device to heat tires

Mensaje  A.X.P. el Sáb Oct 18, 2008 11:28 pm

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Renault are on the winning path again, and it quickly shows in the way their development goes. During the season, the team concentrated on improving tire management to allow for a more consisent pace during the race. Recently they also made 'reliability' progress on their engine, but now there's more.
An interesting idea that Renault now came up with is to actually use part of the hot air exhaust gases to heat up the rear tires. The R28 now features a modified rear wheel shield with an aerodynamic tunnel in it. This catches air from the inside of the shield and churns it out again just above the rear tire. Such device prevents the tire from being cooled by airflow, but allows a more constant temperate, hence improving its grip.
In the image, the device is seen from different angles, with the yellow lines marking the airflow through it.

By Tomba on 18-10-2008 | Aerodynamics

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